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Hello and Welcome to My Paddington Pups

At Paddington Pups we go above and beyond in producing and rearing quality puppies. We use select AKC registered purebreds with traceable, exceptional pedigrees.  They come from strong lines, tested clear of genetic inherent health issues.  Starting with the best, is key to producing the best.  

We use the Bio Sensor Program on each puppy born here. The Bio Sensor Program was developed by the military in the 1970's to produce superior dogs referred to as "Super Dogs."  We dedicate a page on our site to explaining this program and it's benefits.  Our puppies are on a strict and current de-worming and vaccination program. We follow all guidelines from the American Veterinarian Association in our de-worming and vaccination schedule.  We feed Royal Canin dog foods made for various stages in the puppy's life.

We are not a kennel.  Our puppies are part of our daily family life and live in our home with us. We safely expose them to as many age appropriate situations as possible to help them be adaptable in any home.  Before our puppies leave us, they will be seen and cleared by our Veterinarian, they will be temperament tested and well on their way to housebreaking.  We send our puppies home with a puppy package, including a blanket and toy from home, a package of Royal Canin Mini Puppy food and Royal Canin canned puppy food, they've been eating, their health record and veterinarian wellness exam.

Whether choosing a purebred Toy Poodle or a quality cross Maltipoo....We want you to get the puppy you dreamed of and paid for here, with your only surprises being that your puppy exceeded all of your expectations.    

Feel free to comment or ask questions.  

We hope you enjoy our site.

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